ECOS Group

ECOS Group is a group of specialized companies working under a common brand name in the field of cleaning and reuse municipal and industrial wastewater since 1990.

Independent Professional Association «EXPERT»

Independent Professional Association «EXPERT» - Non-state examination of project documentation and engineering survey results.

Project Institute «CMR»

Development of design estimates, engineering surveys for construction, author supervision and technical inspection.

"ADL" company

Development, production  and supply of engineering  equipment for the residential sector  and construction, as well as technological processes in different branches of industry.


Sika - the world's leading materials manufacturer building chemicals.


The world's leading manufacturer of the  energy-saving equipment:  a full range of equipment  for the registration and regulation of  energy consumption, cooling  machinery and equipment,  frequency converters and etc.

Italian manufacturing company "K-FLEX"

Specializes in the production of the  elastomeric materials  thermal and acoustic  isolation.


Integrated supplier of the innovative energy-efficient heating equipment and relief cooling systems.


The industrial group, which specializes on the production of valves, faucets and accessories for water and gas distribution network, wastewater and fire protection.

"TechnoNIKOL" Corporation

Production and delivery  roofing, waterproofing  and thermal insulation materials.


Slag wool based on the glass-fiber and  stone wool increase the  comfort and the energy efficiency of the buildings and reduce the cost on its operation.


REHAU- is a world leader in the production of the polymer  materials. It is a supplier of the  energy-efficient technologies for the modern building, industry  and the automotive industry.


Plumbing equipment  for heating, ventilation,  waste disposal, water supply  and sanitation.


A world leader in  control and measuring equipment and in technologies for  technological-process automation


A trademark which specializes in  fittings for cold drinking water,  sewage and other engineering  systems.


Elimination of defects of machine parts, tools, industrial equipment. The restoration of emergency facilities. Surveys. Structural design. Construction expertise.

The Committee on reform support of the President of Russia

The Committee's work is aimed at creating an atmosphere of such civil society involvement in the atmosphere of each to the ongoing process of reforming our lives .


«SMART» - the plant polymer composite structures.


One of the leading Russian companies in the field of cable heating systems. Provides design, equipment and supply and installation of cable heating systems of any complexity.

«Production Company»

«Production Company» is in ECOS Groups engaged in the production of stations for wastewater and drinking water treatment.


Professional water isolation,  draft-proofing, hydrofobisation anticorosion protection. Supplying of materials, performing  of the water isolation works.

Group of companies Viessmann

One of the leading international  manufacturer of heating,  refrigeration and climatic  systems.
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