The South Project Institute - is a union of young talented people, who aim to create complex and creative projects under the guidance of the experienced professionals with long working experience and dozens of realized ideas.

The Institute was founded on the 26th of April in 2008. We don’t have a long history as well as we don’t have a custom to be proud of the collective who worked long ago. But we have a crew which creates projects now, at present, projects that we are proud of and for which operation we are fully responsible.

Like every person, our organization has its own experience, but it is measured not by the amount of years. It is measured by the amount of realized projects, complex and effective engineering solutions. Our experience - it is more than 250 engineered projects. In the basis of our strategy lays the reduction of expenses for construction, saving energy resources and creating the ecologically comfortable environment.

Every day we struggle for the quality of our documentation and every project is a new victory under the estimated construction deadline.

Choosing The South Project Institute, You obtain a reliable partner and working with us means that every task will be completed on a higher level.

Best Regards, Roman Gerasimenkov

The founder Institute

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